George Cables – Cables Fables (SCCD 31287)

SCCD 31287 Cables Fables / George Cables Trio Though this is the first leader album on SteepleChase, pianist George Cables (b. November 14, 1944 in Brooklyn, NAY.) has been highly estimated especially for his contribution in the Dexter Gorton Quartet and the Art Pepper Quartet. “… splendid Cables’ recording …” (Compact) 1. In walked Bud […]

Michal Urbaniak – Songbird (SCCD 31278)

SCCD 31278 Songbird / Michal Urbaniak Quartet “… Songbird is a solid mainstream effort with an excellent rhythm section. …The recording is warm and balanced …” (Carl Baugher, Cadence) “… Songbird is quite the most impressive, a mature set of originals that see the violinist finally come into his own as a wholly convincing harmonic […]