SCCD 31869 Vic Juris “Two Guitars”

New York’s stalwart ensemble Vic Juris Trio (with Jay Anderson and Adam Nussbaum) has been regularly performing Vic Juris’ compositions, which are recording ready for this session. Vic’s trademark versatility and inventiveness come to the fore with the use of electric and acoustic guitars.

Juris’ inventive lines and rich harmonic gifts are apparent from the beginning, as is the familiarity of the trio with one another…. The trio … is truly interactive in their stunning interpretation. It’s hard to describe a jazz artist in his 60s as a “talent deserving of wider recognition”, but with CDs like this, Vic Juris has made an ample case.” (Ken Dryden – NYCJ on SCCD31841 “Eye Contact”)

VIC JURIS guitar

Recorded February 2018

1 CERISE (Vic Juris) 7:04
2 E. S. P. (Wayne Shorter) 4:59
3 IN THREE FOR TWO (Vic Juris) 3:49
4 TO JOHN (Vic Juris) 6:52
5 SARASOTA (Vic Juris) 5:35
6 A CHANT FOR LARRY (Vic Juris) 7:03
7 JULIA (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) 7:38
8 DREAMING (Vic Juris) 5:03
9 MAYAGUEZ (Vic Juris) 7:03
10 KIRBY’S SCENE (Vic Juris) 6:57

Total Playing Time 62:00

UPC: 716043186921

Cerise (SAMPLE)