Jimmy Raney, Doug Raney – Guitar Moments (SCCD 37031/32)

MID-PRICE SERIES SCCD 37031/32 Guitar Moments / Jimmy Raney & Doug Raney Previously issued on SCCD 31118 & SCCD 31134 “… one of the loveliest recordings of this or any other year …” (Larry Kart, Chicago Tribune) “… filled with excellent performances this album will satisfy you completely …” (Takashi Kubota, Swing Journal) “… highly […]

Walt Dickerson, Richard Davis – Dialogue (SCCD 37029/30)

MID-PRICE SERIES SCCD 37029/30 Dialogue / Walt Dickerson & Richard Davis Previously issued on SCCD 31089 & SCCD 31213 “.. .music of extreme sophistication yet perfect lucidity…A Zen-like tranquillity pervades this album of duets with another virtuoso Richard Davis …” (R.W. , Melody Maker) “… an important vibes record .” (Chris Sheridan, Jazz Journal) “…. […]

Tete Montoliu – Hot House (SCCD 37027/28)

MID-PRICE SERIES SCCD 37027/28 Hot House / Tete Montoliu Trio Previously issued on SCCD 31017 & SCCD 31029 “ Strongly recommended, buy !” (Compact) “… This is the best piano record in many years and one that will certainly rank with the best of any era .” 1. Sweet Georgia Fame (Blossom Dearie)2. A nightingale […]

Jackie McLean – Dr. Jackle (SCCD 36005)

SCCD 36005 Dr. Jackle / Jackie McLean Quartet “The uncompromisingly original” Jackie McLean was the driving force of the early 60s’ Hard Bop and “Free” jazz. Within a year of this live session Jackie cut himself off the recording scene until he reappeared in SteepleChase’s first release “Live At Montmartre” SCCD 31001. “… All modern […]

Odense Symphony Orchestra, Edward Serov – Rimsky-Korsakov: Opera Suites, Volume 2 (KON 32247)

1. The Golden Cockerel Suite: Tsar Dodon in his Palace (Nikolai Rinsky-Korsakov)2. The Golden Cockerel Suite: Tsar Dodon on the Battlefield (Nikolai Rinsky-Korsakov)3. The Golden Cockerel Suite: Tsar Dodon with Queen Chimaka (Nikolai Rinsky-Korsakov)4. The Golden Cockerel Suite: Marriage Feast and Lamentable End of Tsar Dodon (Nikolai Rinsky-Korsakov)5. Maid From Pskov Suite: Ouverture (Nikolai Rinsky-Korsakov)6. […]

The Reed Quartet, Per Egholm, Peter Halabur, Anders Havshøj, Gabriella Bergman – Nyord, Roikjer, Sagvik, Weis, Wiernik, Hansen: Scandinavian Contemporary Works (KON 32243)

1. Prélude, Estampie et Fugue: Prélude (Flemming Christian Hansen)2. Prélude, Estampie et Fugue: Estampie (Flemming Christian Hansen)3. Prélude, Estampie et Fugue: Fugue (Flemming Christian Hansen)4. Four Little Intermezzi: 1 Allegro moderato (Kjell Roikjer)5. Four Little Intermezzi: 2 Allegro (Kjell Roikjer)6. Four Little Intermezzi: 3 Allegretto quasi barcarole (Kjell Roikjer)7. Four Little Intermezzi: 4 Allegro risvegliato […]

Anders Riber – Buxtehude, Raasted, Nielsen, Haumann: Danish Organ Music (KON 32242)

1. Te Deum: Prelude (Dietrich Buxtehude)2. Te Deum: Te Deum laudamus (Dietrich Buxtehude)3. Te Deum: Pleni sunt coeli (Dietrich Buxtehude)4. Te Deum: Te martyrum (Dietrich Buxtehude)5. Te Deum: Tu devicto (Dietrich Buxtehude)6. Sonata No. 1 Op. 16: Grave (Niels Otto Raasted)7. Sonata No. 1 Op. 16: Con moto amabile (Niels Otto Raasted)8. Sonata No. 1 […]

Tove Lønskov, Rodolfo Llambias – Tchaikowsky: Suite No 2, Capriccio Italienne (KON 32241)

1. Suite No. 2 Op. 53: Jeu de sons (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)2. Suite No. 2 Op. 53: Valse (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)3. Suite No. 2 Op. 53: Scherzo burlesque (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)4. Suite No. 2 Op. 53: Rêves d'enfant (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)5. Suite No. 2 Op. 53: Danse baroque (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)6. Capriccio italienne Op. 45 […]