Jackie McLean, Dexter Gordon – Montmartre Summit 1973 (SCCD 37001/2)

1. Introduction by Jackie McLean ()2. All clean (Dexter Gordon)3. Rue de la Harpe (Sahib Shihab)4. Callin' (Kenny Drew)5. Sunset (Kenny Drew)6. On the trail (Ferdie Grofé)1. Half Nelson (Miles Davis)2. I can't get started (Vernon Duke)3. On the trail (Ferdie Grofé)4. Closing (Jackie McLean)5. Another hair-do (Charlie Parker)6. Dexter digs in (Dexter Gordon)7. Closing […]

Jackie McLean – Dr. Jackle (SCCD 36005)

SCCD 36005 Dr. Jackle / Jackie McLean Quartet “The uncompromisingly original” Jackie McLean was the driving force of the early 60s’ Hard Bop and “Free” jazz. Within a year of this live session Jackie cut himself off the recording scene until he reappeared in SteepleChase’s first release “Live At Montmartre” SCCD 31001. “… All modern […]

Jackie McLean, Michael Carvin – Antiquity (SCCD 31028)

SCCD 31028 Antiquity / Jackie McLean & Michael Carvin “… Antiquity, an invigorating series of duets …” (Gary Giddins, Village Voice) “… highly enjoyable …” (Cadence) “… in a way, there are more music here than many releases with four or five participants …” (Jørgen Frigård, Politiken) 1. The tob (Jackie McLean)2. Antiquity: The hump […]

Jackie McLean, Dexter Gordon – The Source (SCCD 31020)

SCCD 31020 The Source / Jackie McLean feat. Dexter Gordon Live at Jazzhus Montmartre 1973 “ Two key figures of the bop era meet in the friendly, rewarding surrounds of a Danish jazz club, and blow with intensity, fervour and considerable joy …” (Melody Maker) 1. Half Nelson (Miles Davis)2. I can't get started (Vernon […]

Jackie McLean – A Ghetto Lullaby (SCCD 31013)

SCCD 31013 A Ghetto Lullaby / Jackie McLean Quartet This is a recording that came out of two evenings of concerts at Copenhagen’s famous Montmartre Jazzhus with the club’s very best rhythm section led by Mclean’s friend from childhood pianist Kenny Drew. The summer of 1973 was a very busy season for the alto giant […]

Jackie McLean, Gary Bartz – Ode To Super (SCCD 31009)

SCCD 31009 Ode To Super / Jackie McLean Quintet Jackie McLean is direct from “Parker-era” and Gary Bartz from the following generation. Both of them are needless to say strongly influenced by Charlie Parker. When the two alto players got together in Copenhagen in the summer of 1973 to record, it was quite natural that […]

Jackie McLean, Dexter Gordon – The Meeting (SCCD 31006)

SCCD 31006 The Meeting / Jackie McLean feat. Dexter Gordon Live at Montmartre 1973 It is incredible that Jackie and Dexter had never recorded together before this date, even though both of them were under Blue Note contract in the 60s. But at last the meeting of the two jazz giants took place in the […]

Jackie McLean – New York Calling (SCCD 31023)

SCCD 31023 New York Calling / Jackie McLean & The Cosmic Brotherhood In 1973 veteran Jackie McLean formed The Cosmic Brotherhood, a sextet of young and talented New York musicians including his son René. This is their first recording. “… it is rewarding and refreshing to find one musician of repute who adheres to his […]