SCCD 31028 Antiquity / Jackie McLean & Michael Carvin

“… Antiquity, an invigorating series of duets …” (Gary Giddins, Village Voice)

“… highly enjoyable …” (Cadence)

“… in a way, there are more music here than many releases with four or five participants …” (Jørgen Frigård, Politiken)

1. The tob (Jackie McLean)
2. Antiquity: The hump (Michael Carvin)
3. Antiquity: The slaveship (Jackie McLean)
4. Antiquity: The hunter and his game (Jackie McLean)
5. Antiquity: The crossing (Jackie McLean)
6. Gong go lye (Jackie McLean)
7. Ti ti (Michael Carvin)
8. Down in the bottom (Jackie McLean)
9. De i comahlee ah (Michael Carvin)

UPC/EAN: 716043102822