SCCD 31871 Adam Niewood “Home With You, At Last”

NYC-based saxophonist/composer Adam Niewood was born into a musical pedigree with jazz saxophonist father and classical pianist mother. The composer of the tunes recorded here is Adam’s father, Gerry Niewood who rose to his fame in the 70s and had achieved a successful career until his untimely death 10 years ago.

Adam with his dream rhythm section dedicates this album to his father.

”… craftsmanship and attention to detail is also evident in his music.  Adam Niewood has a distinctly powerful, supple and soulfully intelligent presence.” (Mark F. Turner – AAJ)

ADAM NIEWOOD soprano & tenor saxophone
John Scofield guitar
John Patitucci bass
Jack DeJohnette drums

Recorded August 2010

1 HOME WITH YOU (Gerry Niewood) 2:55
2 THE GENTLE SOUL (Gerry Niewood) 10:43
3 ESSENCE (Gerry Niewood) 8:42
4 AUTUMN COLORS (Gerry Niewood) 11:50
5 WINDS OF CHANGE (Gerry Niewood) 8:32
6 HOME WITH YOU, AT LAST (Gerry Niewood) 3:26

Total Playing Time 46:27

UPC: 716043187126

Home With You (SAMPLE)