Anthony Braxton – What’s New In The Tradition (SCCD 37003/4)

1. Marshmallow (Warne Marsh)2. Goodbye pork pie hat (Charles Mingus)3. Just friends (Klenner/Lewis)4. Ornithology (Charlie Parker)5. Lush life (Billy Strayhorn)6. Trane's blues (John Coltrane)1. What's new (Haggart/Burke)2. Duet (Anthony Braxton)3. Body and soul (Johnny Green)4. Marshmallow (Warne Marsh)5. Donna Lee (Charlie Parker)6. My funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers)7. Half Nelson (Miles Davis) UPC/EAN: 716043700325

Jackie McLean, Dexter Gordon – Montmartre Summit 1973 (SCCD 37001/2)

1. Introduction by Jackie McLean ()2. All clean (Dexter Gordon)3. Rue de la Harpe (Sahib Shihab)4. Callin' (Kenny Drew)5. Sunset (Kenny Drew)6. On the trail (Ferdie Grofé)1. Half Nelson (Miles Davis)2. I can't get started (Vernon Duke)3. On the trail (Ferdie Grofé)4. Closing (Jackie McLean)5. Another hair-do (Charlie Parker)6. Dexter digs in (Dexter Gordon)7. Closing […]

Brew Moore – Zonky (SCCD 36037)

SCCD 36037 Zonky / Brew Moore Quartet This Danish Radio transmission of 1966 together with the preceding two volumes (SCCD 36016 “If I Had You” and SCCD 36019 “I Should Care”) from 1965 make up a precious and important part of Brew Moore’s scarce discography and a reminder of a genius whose life ended too […]

Stephen Riley – Inside Out (SCCD 31584)

“…From the listener’s point of view, the Stephen Riley Trio has made a most significant and satisfying start….As a leader, Stephen has hit the bull’s-eye first time…” (Mark Gardner) 1. All Alone (Irving Berlin)2. Bluesette (Toots Tielemanns)3. Barbados (Charlie Parker)4. Say It Isn't So (Irving Berlin)5. Bemsha Swing (Thelonious Monk)6. Ju Ju (Wayne Shorter)7. There's […]

Gregory Tardy – The Truth (SCCD 31583)

“…This carefully conceived and beautifully executed set can only enhance the reputation of an exceedingly accomplished saxophonist/composer….” (Mark Gardner) 1. Yeshua (Gregory Tardy)2. Who Has Believed Our Message (Gregory Tardy)3. The Way, The Truth, The Life (Gregory Tardy)4. Love Never Fails (Gregory Tardy)5. Wade In The Water (Traditional)6. As The World Rejoices (Gregory Tardy)7. Rhythm […]

Ron McClure, Steve LaSpina, Jay Anderson – Jam Session Vol. 16 (SCCD 31582)

Highly unusual jam of three bassists. This jam session is all about “ a celebration of a wondrous and indispensable voice in just about every jazz ensemble.” (Mark Gardner) On previous SteepleChase Jam Session series, CD Review’s Rick Finlay wrote, “… SteepleChase’s series of jam sessions drawing together the cream of the contemporary jazz world […]

Loren Stillman, Kris Allen, Chris Byars – Jam Session Vol. 15 (SCCD 31581)

The release of Jam Session Vol 15 featuring three young elites of alto sax coincides aptly with the 50 th anniversary year of Charlie Parker’s death. “… Jamming … is actually a creative igniter, serving to raise everyone’s game, while keeping a sense of perspective and respect for the music and each man’s place within […]

Vincent Gardner – Elbow Room (SCCD 31580)

“…Vincent Gardner has definitely arrived as a force to be reckoned with and merits all the elbow room he and his fluent trombone can find!” (Mark Gardner) 1. DoomZoom (Vincent Gardner)2. Snake Charmin' (Vincent Gardner)3. I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry (Jule Styne)4. Can You Read My Mind (Bricusse/Williams)5. Four And One […]