SCCD 31868 Chris Byars “A Hundred Years From Today”

For the past ten years saxophonist/composer/arranger/educator Chris Byars has passionately excavated and re-examined earlier gems of music by jazz’s historical contributors such as Gigi Gryce, Lucky Thompson, Freddie Redd, Duke Jordan, among others.

For this new album Byars penned nine original compositions as a tribute to jazz greats who turned 100 years in 2017.

Chris Byars has done a remarkable job reviving these neglected compositions of Frank Strozier while also putting his own stamp on them with his inventive arrangements.” (Ken Dryden – NYCJR on “The Music Of Frank Strozier” SCCD 31824)

Chris Byars tenor saxophone
John Mosca trombone
ZAID NASSER alto saxophone
Stefano Doglioni bass clarinet
Ari Roland bass

Recorded February 2018

1 INTENTION (Chris Byars) 8:15
2 A HUNDRED YEARS FROM TODAY (Victor Young) 5:16
3 SAN JUAN HILL (Chris Byars) 6:09
4 MONEY CAN’T BUY (Chris Byars) 5:25
5 ALL THE THINGS ARE REDD (Chris Byars) 7:40
6 LOVELACE (Chris Byars) 5:49
7 ELEVATED TRACKS (Chris Byars) 5:22
8 FLIGHT (Chris Byars) 5:27
9 INCOGNITO (Chris Byars) 5:52
10 MOUNTAIN TOP (Chris Byars) 9:11

Total Playing Time 64:27

UPC: 716043186822

Intention (SAMPLE)