Andy LaVerne “Shangri-La” (SCCD 31872)

SCCD 31872 Andy LaVerne “Shangri-La”

Andy LaVerne, prolific composer, prominent educator and resourceful recording artist of five decades’ experience, is putting a new quintet together here to interpret his timeless compositions. The liner notes by the composer give us an intriguing insight into the working of a creative mind.

“…. if you want to learn more about Andy LaVerne, this is a wonderful material with lyricism, musical intensity and well perceived format.” (O. Mathiesen – JazzSpecial on SCCD 31818 “Genesis”)

Andy Laverne piano
Alex Sipiagin trumpet, fluegelhorn
Jerry Bergonzi tenor saxophone
Mike Richmond bass
Jason Tiemann drums

Recorded October 2018

1 NOTEIFICATION (Andy LaVerne) 6:48
2 GIVE AND TAKE (Andy LaVerne) 5:59
3 IT’S ALL GOOD (Andy LaVerne) 5:56
4 WALTZ KING (Andy LaVerne) 6:47
5 BLUESTRAIN (Andy LaVerne) 6:51
6 SHANGRI-LA (Andy LaVerne) 7:12
7 RESOLUTE PURSUIT (Andy LaVerne) 5:46
8 GUIDING LIGHT (Andy LaVerne) 9:11
9 TWO IN ONE (Andy LaVerne) 9:40

Total Playing Time 64:13

UPC: 716043187225

Noteification (SAMPLE)

Adam Niewood “Home With You, At Last” (SCCD 31871)

SCCD 31871 Adam Niewood “Home With You, At Last”

NYC-based saxophonist/composer Adam Niewood was born into a musical pedigree with jazz saxophonist father and classical pianist mother. The composer of the tunes recorded here is Adam’s father, Gerry Niewood who rose to his fame in the 70s and had achieved a successful career until his untimely death 10 years ago.

Adam with his dream rhythm section dedicates this album to his father.

”… craftsmanship and attention to detail is also evident in his music.  Adam Niewood has a distinctly powerful, supple and soulfully intelligent presence.” (Mark F. Turner – AAJ)

ADAM NIEWOOD soprano & tenor saxophone
John Scofield guitar
John Patitucci bass
Jack DeJohnette drums

Recorded August 2010

1 HOME WITH YOU (Gerry Niewood) 2:55
2 THE GENTLE SOUL (Gerry Niewood) 10:43
3 ESSENCE (Gerry Niewood) 8:42
4 AUTUMN COLORS (Gerry Niewood) 11:50
5 WINDS OF CHANGE (Gerry Niewood) 8:32
6 HOME WITH YOU, AT LAST (Gerry Niewood) 3:26

Total Playing Time 46:27

UPC: 716043187126

Home With You (SAMPLE)

Jay Anderson “Deepscape” (SCCD 31870)

SCCD 31870 Jay Anderson “Deepscape”

Bassist/Composer/Educator Jay Anderson (b. in California) is so much in demand that it is difficult to come up with any distinguished musicians who have not had Jay in their band for gigs and/or recordings.

Here on his 92nd appearance on SteepleChase the label has the pleasure of showcasing Jay Anderson as the frontline soloist/leader. Anderson with dazzling ability to create musical landscape presents 11 tracks with diversity unified by the deep resonance of a double bass superior.

Mr. Anderson has a melodic sense that effectively shapes his solos and adds subtle touches to his accompaniments.” (John S. Wilson – New York Times)

“…a most imaginative and sympathetic bassist.” (The Observer – UK)

JAY ANDERSON bass, Tibetan singing bowl (on track 3)
BILLY DREWES alto & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet (track 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10)
KIRK KNUFFKE cornet (track 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10)
MATT WILSON drums (track 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
FRANK KIMBROUGH harmonium (track 3, 9, 11)
ROGERIO BOCCATO percussion (track 3, 6, 7, 9)

Recorded at Mountain Rest Studio, New Paltz, NY, May & June 2018

1 DEEPSCAPE (Jay Anderson) 2:09
2 SHADES OF JAZZ (Keith Jarrett) 5:08
3 ROTHKO CHAPEL (5th Movement) (Morton Feldman) 7:13
4 SOUTHERN SMILES (Keith Jarrett) 6:10
5 AND SO IT GOES (Billy Joel) 4:27
7 SWEET AND LOVELY (Gus Arnheim, Harry Tobias, Charles N. Daniels) 7:31
8 MOMENTUM (Jay Anderson) 6:23
9 WITCHI-TAI-TO (Jim Pepper) 6:49
10 THE MIGHTY SWORD (Branford Marsalis) 6:40
11 TENNESSEE WALTZ (Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart) 3:28

Total Playing Time 60:59

UPC: 716043187027

Deepscape (SAMPLE)

Vic Juris “Two Guitars” (SCCD 31869 )

SCCD 31869 Vic Juris “Two Guitars”

New York’s stalwart ensemble Vic Juris Trio (with Jay Anderson and Adam Nussbaum) has been regularly performing Vic Juris’ compositions, which are recording ready for this session. Vic’s trademark versatility and inventiveness come to the fore with the use of electric and acoustic guitars.

Juris’ inventive lines and rich harmonic gifts are apparent from the beginning, as is the familiarity of the trio with one another…. The trio … is truly interactive in their stunning interpretation. It’s hard to describe a jazz artist in his 60s as a “talent deserving of wider recognition”, but with CDs like this, Vic Juris has made an ample case.” (Ken Dryden – NYCJ on SCCD31841 “Eye Contact”)

VIC JURIS guitar

Recorded February 2018

1 CERISE (Vic Juris) 7:04
2 E. S. P. (Wayne Shorter) 4:59
3 IN THREE FOR TWO (Vic Juris) 3:49
4 TO JOHN (Vic Juris) 6:52
5 SARASOTA (Vic Juris) 5:35
6 A CHANT FOR LARRY (Vic Juris) 7:03
7 JULIA (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) 7:38
8 DREAMING (Vic Juris) 5:03
9 MAYAGUEZ (Vic Juris) 7:03
10 KIRBY’S SCENE (Vic Juris) 6:57

Total Playing Time 62:00

UPC: 716043186921

Cerise (SAMPLE)

Chris Byars “A Hundred Years From Today” (SCCD 31868)

SCCD 31868 Chris Byars “A Hundred Years From Today”

For the past ten years saxophonist/composer/arranger/educator Chris Byars has passionately excavated and re-examined earlier gems of music by jazz’s historical contributors such as Gigi Gryce, Lucky Thompson, Freddie Redd, Duke Jordan, among others.

For this new album Byars penned nine original compositions as a tribute to jazz greats who turned 100 years in 2017.

Chris Byars has done a remarkable job reviving these neglected compositions of Frank Strozier while also putting his own stamp on them with his inventive arrangements.” (Ken Dryden – NYCJR on “The Music Of Frank Strozier” SCCD 31824)

Chris Byars tenor saxophone
John Mosca trombone
ZAID NASSER alto saxophone
Stefano Doglioni bass clarinet
Ari Roland bass

Recorded February 2018

1 INTENTION (Chris Byars) 8:15
2 A HUNDRED YEARS FROM TODAY (Victor Young) 5:16
3 SAN JUAN HILL (Chris Byars) 6:09
4 MONEY CAN’T BUY (Chris Byars) 5:25
5 ALL THE THINGS ARE REDD (Chris Byars) 7:40
6 LOVELACE (Chris Byars) 5:49
7 ELEVATED TRACKS (Chris Byars) 5:22
8 FLIGHT (Chris Byars) 5:27
9 INCOGNITO (Chris Byars) 5:52
10 MOUNTAIN TOP (Chris Byars) 9:11

Total Playing Time 64:27

UPC: 716043186822

Intention (SAMPLE)

Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke “Play Date” (SCCD 31867)

SCCD 31867 Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke “Play Date”

Professor Emeritus of Jazz Studies (Eastman College of Music, Univ. of Rochester) Harold Danko pays homage to Be Bop’s song-smith Duke Jordan here in an inaugural meeting with New York’s rising star cornetist Kirk Knuffke. Duke Jordan’s distinctive melodies receive Danko/Knuffke duo’s refined and creative reading and mingle naturally with their free tunes in between.

“… (Harold Danko’s remarkable authority and heartfelt approach have been nothing short of an inspiration” (C. Andrew Hoven – AAJ)

“This is a fascinating showcase for Kirk Knuffke’s versatility. He can apply his cornet to a dazzling variety of settings ...” (Jerome Wilson – AAJ on “Witness” SCCD 31859)


Recorded February 2018


1 FLIGHT TO DENMARK (Duke Jordan) 4:58
2 OPENEPO (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 2:27
3 MISTY THURSDAY (Duke Jordan) 8:18
4 MARMOT’S MUSE (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 2:37
5 STONEWALL BLUES (Duke Jordan) 4:43
6 CHANCE AND CHOICE (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 4:22
7 FLIGHT TO DENMARK (Duke Jordan) 3:54
8 LANOTA (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 2:41
9 WUT’LESS (Duke Jordan) 4:38
10 KEKO (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 2:31
11 UNDECIDED LADY (Duke Jordan) 6:35
12 NO SCORE (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 3:48
13 LAYOUT BLUES (Duke Jordan) 6:26
14 THE ALEATORS (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 2:55
15 FLIGHT TO DENMARK (Duke Jordan) 3:09

Total Playing Time 64:05

UPC: 716043186723

Federico Bonifazi Sextet “Autumn Colors Suite” (SCCD 33138)

SCCD 33138 Federico Bonifazi Sextet “Autumn Colors Suite”

Native of Umbria, Italy, pianist/composer Federico Bonifazi has become a highly acclaimed name both in national and international scene in recent years. For this his 3rd album Bonifazi composed a suite depicting the beauty of his beloved Umbria in the changing colors of autumn performed by Bonifazi’s handpicked elite Italian ensemble.

“.. an album worthy of special attention, conceived and created with a strong artistic personality and with a huge communicative generosity, … with the humility and discretion that only the great artists possess and that make this CD a real pearl in the musical production of the Umbrian pianist.” (Proposito di Jazz on SCCD 33125 “You’ll See”)

EMANUELE CISI tenor saxophone

Recorded November 20, 2017

Autumn Colors Suite:

2 AUTUMN COLORS (Colori d’autunno) 6:14
3 AGAINST TIME (Controtempo) 6:17
4 NIGHT OF PEACE (Notte di pace) 7:53
6 MONKEY’S 5:24
7 DEEP 6:05
8 CLOUDS (Nuvole) 6:16

Total Playing Time 54:35

All compositions by Federico Bonifazi

UPC: 716043313822

Rob Scheps “Comencio” (SCCD 31866)

SCCD 31866 Rob Scheps “Comencio”

New York’s mainstay saxophonist Rob Scheps makes SteepleChase debut here in a quartet format, a version of his renowned NY group The Core-tet. Oregon native Rob Scheps graduated from the New England Conservatory with honors in performance in 1986. He has performed and/or recorded with the Gil Evans Orchestra, Terumasa Hino, Roswell Rudd, John Abercrombie, Jaki Byard, Eddie Henderson, Clark Terry, to mention a few, as well as leading his own groups including the True Colors Big Band.

Scheps .. leads this stellar 17-piece ensemble, providing the kind of musical energy, power and finesse expected from a world-class orchestra, …” (Edward Blanco – AAJ)

ROB SCHEPS tenor & soprano saxophone

Recorded April 2018

1 THE FLIP SIDE (John Abercrombie) 5:49
2 YOU KNOW I CARE (Duke Pearson) 7:02
3 MESSAGE FROM THE NILE (McCoy Tyner) 7:16
4 I STILL HAVE THAT OTHER GIRL (Burt Bacharach/Elvis Costello) 3:28
5 COMENCIO (Hadley Caliman) 4:39
6 SHORTER TIME (Rob Scheps) 4:56
8 SIMPLE HEART (Francesca Tanksley) 9:36
9 L. S. T. (Marc Copland) 7:11
10 SHORT STORY (Kenny Dorham) 7:30

Total Playing Time 63:36

UPC: 716043186624

John Hart “Crop Circles“ (SCCD 31865)

SCCD 31865 John Hart “Crop Circles “

Guitarist John Hart has established the status of leading figure in the modern jazz guitar scene with highly acclaimed releases from Blue Note and Concord in the 90s. He has performed and recording with Jack McDuff, Terumasa Hino, Jimmy Smith, and Lou Donaldson, among others, as well as leading his own group. Hart now divides his time between New York and Miami, Florida where he is a lecturer at his alma mater the University of Miami Frost School of Music.

“…He’s an amazingly inventive soloist and composer who is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone.” (John Heidt – Vintage Guitar Magazine)

JOHN HART guitar
DICK OATTS alto saxophone
TIM HORNER drums, cajun

Recorded December 2017

1 HOW DEEP IS THE OCEAN (Irving Berlin) 8:48
2 IN TRANEING (John Hart)* 7:40
3 GUERNICA (John Hart)* 9:57
4 TIME ON MY HANDS (Vincent Youmans) 7:46
5 CROP CIRCLES (John Hart)* 8:16
6 SOPHISTICATED LADY (Duke Ellington) 7:45
7 WE SEE (Thelonious Monk) 7:56
8 LES FEUILLES MORTES (Joseph Kosma) 7:15
9 BESAME MUCHO (Luis Miguel) 7:50

Total Playing Time 73:11

UPC: 716043186525

Dave Scott “In Search Of Hipness” (SCCD 31864)

SCCD 31864 Dave Scott “In Search Of Hipness”

Trumpeter Dave Scott’s 5th SteepleChase release here finds him leading his other New York ensemble “The Dave Scott Violin Band” which features some of America’s finest instrumentalists including Sarah Bernstein on violin.

Dave Scott’s compositions allow each musician to fully engage in individual expression and the band as a whole to create distinctive tapestry of interactive improvisation. The group performs regularly in the New York City area.

Dave Scott trumpet
Sarah Bernstein violin
Nate Radley guitar
Jacob Sacks piano
David Ambrosio bass
Mark Ferber drums

Recorded February 2018

1 LUDWIG 2:53
2 IGOR 12:21

Total Playing Time 71:15

Composed by Dave Scott

UPC: 716043186426