SCCD 31872 Andy LaVerne “Shangri-La”

Andy LaVerne, prolific composer, prominent educator and resourceful recording artist of five decades’ experience, is putting a new quintet together here to interpret his timeless compositions. The liner notes by the composer give us an intriguing insight into the working of a creative mind.

“…. if you want to learn more about Andy LaVerne, this is a wonderful material with lyricism, musical intensity and well perceived format.” (O. Mathiesen – JazzSpecial on SCCD 31818 “Genesis”)

Andy Laverne piano
Alex Sipiagin trumpet, fluegelhorn
Jerry Bergonzi tenor saxophone
Mike Richmond bass
Jason Tiemann drums

Recorded October 2018

1 NOTEIFICATION (Andy LaVerne) 6:48
2 GIVE AND TAKE (Andy LaVerne) 5:59
3 IT’S ALL GOOD (Andy LaVerne) 5:56
4 WALTZ KING (Andy LaVerne) 6:47
5 BLUESTRAIN (Andy LaVerne) 6:51
6 SHANGRI-LA (Andy LaVerne) 7:12
7 RESOLUTE PURSUIT (Andy LaVerne) 5:46
8 GUIDING LIGHT (Andy LaVerne) 9:11
9 TWO IN ONE (Andy LaVerne) 9:40

Total Playing Time 64:13

UPC: 716043187225

Noteification (SAMPLE)