SCCD 31037 Watch Out! / René McLean Sextet

Even from the founding days SteepleChase has been known for its daring enterprise of recording leader albums by young, less-known (but talented, of course) musicians. This debut album by René McLean is a good example. Coming from a highly jazz inspiring home, René 29 at the time of this recording was already a matured musician actively involved in the “loft scene” in New York in the 70s. Even though heavily and inevitably influenced by his great father Jackie, he has developed his own musical personality.

A thoroughly professional, occasionally provocative and invariable enjoyable album ….” (Jazz Journal)

1. Bilad as Sudan (René McLean)
2. Aida (René McLean)
3. What it is (René McLean)
4. Watch out! (René McLean)
5. Jack's tune (Jackie McLean)
6. Jihad (René McLean)
7. Uptown-downtown (Hubert Eaves)

UPC/EAN: 716043103720