SCCD 31009 Ode To Super / Jackie McLean Quintet

Jackie McLean is direct from “Parker-era” and Gary Bartz from the following generation. Both of them are needless to say strongly influenced by Charlie Parker. When the two alto players got together in Copenhagen in the summer of 1973 to record, it was quite natural that the album turned out to be this

affectionate and moving tribute ” (Melody Maker) to the master.

1. Monk's dance (Gary Bartz)
2. Ode to super (Billy Gault)
3. Great Rainstreet blues (Jackie McLean)
4. Watercircle (Thomas Clausen)
5. Watercircle (Thomas Clausen)
6. Red cross (Charlie Parker)
7. Red cross (Charlie Parker)

UPC/EAN: 716043100927