SCCD 37029/30 Dialogue / Walt Dickerson & Richard Davis

Previously issued on SCCD 31089 & SCCD 31213

“.. .music of extreme sophistication yet perfect lucidity…A Zen-like tranquillity pervades this album of duets with another virtuoso Richard Davis …” (R.W. , Melody Maker)

“… an important vibes record .” (Chris Sheridan, Jazz Journal)

“…. quite an achievement, balancing fantasy and friction with grace as a fulcrum….calm, lucid, colorful, and captivating …” (Art Lange, CODA)

1. Lucille (Walt Dickerson)
2. Divine gemini (Walt Dickerson)
3. Always positive (Walt Dickerson)
4. Her intuition (Walt Dickerson)
1. Tenderness (Walt Dickerson)
2. Devine gemini (Walt Dickerson)
3. So thoughtful (Walt Dickerson)
4. The road must bend (Walt Dickerson)
5. Play son play (Walt Dickerson)

UPC/EAN: 716043702923