Larry Willis – Unforgettable (SCCD 31318)

SCCD 31318 Unforgettable / Larry Willis “ The nineties are becoming the decade of the rediscovery of Nat ‘King’ Cole.…Larry Willis offers his interpretations of nine songs associated with Cole. Willis’ piano stylings are very melodically lush…Larry Willis is a thoughtful, daring stylist …” (Len Bukowski, Cadence) 1. Somewhere along the way (S. Gallop/K. Adams)2. […]

Eddie Henderson – Flight Of Mind (SCCD 31284)

SCCD 31284 Flight Of Mind / Eddie Henderson Quintet "…one appreciates the calm lyricism of the trumpeter (and psychiatrist) Eddie Henderson…the logical and consistent play by the leader is backed by the lively and dependable rhythm section." (lé généraliste) 1. Flight of mind (Whitaker)2. Goodbye (Gordon Jenkins)3. Eduard (Tambourini)4. Un bel di vedremo (Puccini)5. Lament […]

Larry Willis – Heavy Blue (SCCD 31269)

SCCD 31269 Heavy Blue / Larry Willis Quintet “ …This is a session of fiery jazz that contiguously demands your attention. Willis plays it right by letting the hornmen do the donkey work while he keeps things tidy . “ (David Lands, Jazz Journal International) “.. .un bon disque d’un quintet d’une belle cohérence .” […]