SCCD 31385 I Waited For You / Louis Smith Quintet

Veteran trumpeter Louis Smith and young talent on alto Vincent Herring toured Europe in the spring of 1995. The theme of their concerts was a Tribute To Miles. Later in the year, Louis and Vincent got together again in the studio with one of the finest New York rhythm section to record the Miles Davis programme.

“… (Louis)’ considerable gifts are everywhere apparent on this set which celebrates his distinctive style as well as the musical taste of a contemporary he admired .” (Mark Gardner)

1. Dig (Miles Davis)
2. Solar (Miles Davis)
3. I waited for you (Gil Fuller)
4. Walkin' (Richard Carpenter)
5. Half Nelson (Miles Davis)
6. Vierd blues (Miles Davis)
7. Milestones (Miles Davis)
8. Bye bye blackbird (Dixon/Henderson)

UPC/EAN: 716043138524