Frank Strozier – What’s Goin’ On (SCCD 31420)

SCCD 31420 What's Goin' On / Frank Strozier Quintet Previously released as limited edition of Direct-to-disc is now available on CD with an extra disc version. “… a very strong album, full of energy, its impact heightened by the clarity and immediacy of the sound …” (Hi Fi Pleasure) “ What a fresh, bright and […]

Frank Strozier – Remember Me (SCCD 31066)

SCCD 31066 Remember Me / Frank Strozier Sextet “ It’s almost criminal that a musician and composer as accomplished as Strozier would have to wait fifteen years before getting another chance to record as a leader …” (Cadence) Indeed, Frank Strozier (b. June 13, 1937 in Memphis, Tennessee) had quite a career record playing with […]

Louis Smith – Just Friends (SCCD 31096)

SCCD 31096 Just Friends / Louis Smith Quintet Louis Smith’s first session in 18 years turned out to be a “ rewarding hard-bop outing of outstanding freshness ” ( Melody Maker ) 1. Blues for Jimmy (Louis Smith)2. Lulu (Louis Smith)3. Vaughn's bounce (Louis Smith)4. Quiet nights (Antonio Carlos Jobim)5. I remember Clifford (Benny Golson)6. […]