Frank Strozier – What’s Goin’ On (SCCD 31420)

SCCD 31420 What's Goin' On / Frank Strozier Quintet Previously released as limited edition of Direct-to-disc is now available on CD with an extra disc version. “… a very strong album, full of energy, its impact heightened by the clarity and immediacy of the sound …” (Hi Fi Pleasure) “ What a fresh, bright and […]

Horace Parlan – Frank-ly Speaking (SCCD 31076)

SCCD 31076 Frank-ly Speaking / Horace Parlan Quintet Pianist Horace Parlan flew to New York (he has been a resident of Denmark since 1972) to record this his third album for SteepleChase. The band which Horace put together with his favourite musicians had played the night before the recording at Rigmor’s Storyville Club in Manhattan. […]

Frank Strozier – Remember Me (SCCD 31066)

SCCD 31066 Remember Me / Frank Strozier Sextet “ It’s almost criminal that a musician and composer as accomplished as Strozier would have to wait fifteen years before getting another chance to record as a leader …” (Cadence) Indeed, Frank Strozier (b. June 13, 1937 in Memphis, Tennessee) had quite a career record playing with […]