SCCD 31420 What's Goin' On / Frank Strozier Quintet

Previously released as limited edition of Direct-to-disc is now available on CD with an extra disc version.

“… a very strong album, full of energy, its impact heightened by the clarity and immediacy of the sound …” (Hi Fi Pleasure)

What a fresh, bright and breezy welcome What’s Goin’ On made to this month’s collection …” (Hi-Fi News & Record Review)

1. What's goin' on (Marvin Gaye)
2. The chief (Harold Mabern)
3. Chelsea drugs (Frank Strozier)
4. Ollie (Frank Strozier)
5. Psalm for John Coltrane (Frank Strozier)
6. What's goin' on (Marvin Gaye)
7. The chief (Harold Mabern)
8. Chelsea drugs (Frank Strozier)
9. Ollie (Frank Strozier)
10. Psalm for John Coltrane (Frank Strozier)

UPC/EAN: 716043142026