Mark Gardner in his linernotes aptly sums up the new Walrath CD, “ There is never a dull moment during the switches of mood. Jack performs with all his inventive powers full on, and, importantly, his writing, direction and presence draw wonderful responses from his colleagues .”

Jack Walrath not only displays tremendous trumpet playing, a rich and varied approach to composition and wonderful band, he also puts something into this fantastic CD that's missing from too much new jazz: a sense of fun and humor. That's not to say that it isn't sensitive and touching at times—"An Hour Blessed" is arguably as gorgeous as anything ever recorded.

Musical food for thought with amazing jazz playing, this recording can't be praised highly enough ”. (Francis Lo Kee of allaboutjazz on Ballroom SCCD 31650)


Bottom line, Walrath’s chops and imagination are still intact. The dues-paying he’s done over the years only assures that date’s like this one will reliably come in well under par

1. A Fog Sets In Vienna (Jack Walrath)
2. Pavlov's Cat (Jack Walrath)
3. Espionage (Jack Walrath)
4. Slightly After Midnight (Jack Walrath)
5. The Resurrection Machine (Jack Walrath)
6. Holy Smoke (Jack Walrath)
7. High Plains Riffer (Jack Walrath)
8. Yet, A Tear Tells Its Tale … (Jack Walrath)
9. Mescalito's Birthday (Jack Walrath)
10. I Lost My Mind In San Bernadino (Jack Walrath)

UPC/EAN: 716043172221