SCCD 31721 Christian Winther

Danish-born New Orleans tenor saxophonist Christian Winther invites Roman Skakun, young rising star on vibraphone from New Orleans to his band to create a special sound for this latest album.

Jon Barron of AllAboutJazz commented on Winther’s previous release Soul House (SCCD 31633), “ Soul House is full of feel-good moments, memorable themes and intuitive ensemble interplay. With it, Winther and crew deliver an exceptional set of accessible, mainstream jazz” .

Winther emigrated from his native Denmark, studied jazz at the University of New Orleans and now resides in the Crescent City. This album reflects his adoption of and adaptation to the local musical culture. It marks his rise as another promising tenor saxophonist among the ranks of well-schooled young jazz musicians.

The feeling of this album is bright and sunny.” (Owen Cordle – JazzTimes on The Only Plan SCCD 31585)

1. From The Sound Up (Christian Winther)
2. Mila's Bounce (Christian Winther)
3. Monkey Puzzle (James Black)
4. Skylark (Hoagy Carmichael)
5. Jayne (Ornette Coleman)
6. Local Legends (Christian Winther)
7. Patience In Action (Christian Winther)
8. Tune For Trane (Christian Winther)

UPC/EAN: 716043172122