Burak Bedikyan “Awakening” (SCCD 33129)

SCCD 33129 Burak Bedikyan “Awakening” Being a former classical pianist, Turkish-born Burak Bedikyan employs his enormous technical proficiency to elaborate his compositions here on this third album to illustrate the new depth in his creativity. “…his exponential growth as a performer, composer and arranger is chronicled with one of the finest releases for 2013 in […]

Ari Ambrose – Retrospect (SCCD 31816)

SCCD 31816 Ari Ambrose “Retrospect” Tenor saxophonist, composer and now attorney at law (immigration specialist) as well Ari Ambrose has successfully gained the recognition from the critics and the public as one of the most innovative improvisers with his own voice. On this his 14th album Ambrose looks back into the music that inspired him […]

Jack Walrath – Unsafe At Any Speed (SCCD 31795)

SCCD 31795 Jack Walrath “Unsafe At Any Speed” Francis Lo Kee of All About Jazz sums up what Jack Walrath is all about in his review of SCCD 31650 “Ballroom”: “Jack Walrath not only displays tremendous trumpet playing, a rich and varied approach to composition and wonderful band, he also puts something into this fantastic […]

Jack Walrath – To Hellas And Back (SCCD 31760)

SCCD 31760 Jack Walrath “To Helles And Back” Accolade to Jack Walrath the trumpeter and composer includes “imaginative”, “unpredictable” and “whimsically humorous”. Most of the material on this new album is inspired by the composer’s recent trip to Greece which takes us To Hellas And Back of Jack’s enhanced devotion to lyricism and his strong […]

George Colligan – The Facts (SCCD 31752)

SCCD 31752 George Colligan Quartet “The Facts” 1. Blue State (George Colligan)2. Whadya Looking At? (George Colligan)3. Missing (George Colligan)4. Miriam Edward's New York Accent (George Colligan)5. Pup Pup (George Colligan)6. The Fact (George Colligan)7. Lydian Domination (George Colligan)8. Steppin' Out (Joe Jackson) UPC/EAN: 716043175222

Jack Walrath – Forsooth! (SCCD 31722)

Mark Gardner in his linernotes aptly sums up the new Walrath CD, “ There is never a dull moment during the switches of mood. Jack performs with all his inventive powers full on, and, importantly, his writing, direction and presence draw wonderful responses from his colleagues .” “ Jack Walrath not only displays tremendous trumpet […]