SCCD 31175 Truth / Duke Jordan Trio

The late 1970’s were Duke Jordan’s most productive period. Here with his trio from the best seller “Flight To Denmark” (SCCD 31011), Duke Jordan plays Duke Jordan one of the most prolific and superb composers of bop.

1. Lay out blues (Duke Jordan)
2. 32nd Street love (Duke Jordan)
3. Truth (Duke Jordan)
4. There's a star for you (Duke Jordan)
5. Misty Thursday (Duke Jordan)
6. Hymn to peace (Duke Jordan)
7. Lady Linda (Duke Jordan)
8. Night train from Snekkersten (Duke Jordan)
9. 32nd Street love (take 3) (Duke Jordan)
10. Lay out blues (take 1) (Duke Jordan)

UPC/EAN: 716043117529