SCCD 31176 Suburban Fantasies / Joe Bonner & Johnny Dyani

Pianist Joe Bonner was a frequent visitor to Copenhagen in the 80s. Bonner’s modernistic approach matched extremely well with the free spirited bass of Dyani who resided in Denmark at the time.

The collaboration between Bonner and Dyani produced a very successful trio recording with Billy Higgins on drums (SCCD 31116 “Parade”). On the duo format here their tremendous rapport is even more evident.

1. Suburban fantasies (Joe Bonner)
2. The walk street (Joe Bonner)
3. Copenhagen revisited (Joe Bonner)
4. Blues for Nick (Johnny Dyani)
5. Soap opera (Joe Bonner)
6. We will be together (Joe Bonner)
7. The year of the child (Johnny Dyani)

UPC/EAN: 716043117628