SCCD 31174 Ball At Louisianna / John Tchicai & Pierre Dørge

The collaboration between Dano-Congolese saxophonist Tchicai and Danish guitarist Dørge has produced a number of recordings on SteepleChase in various settings including Dørge’s big band New Jungle Orchestra (SCCD 31188, 31208, 31228 ). This is their first duo album recorded live at the famous Danish museum for modern art, a perfect background for the innovative, inventive music they perform.

1. Mister Suso (Pierre Dørge)
2. Go down Moses (Traditional)
3. Soneya (Pierre Dørge)
4. Mr. Natural (John Tchicai)
5. Transportation of nudles (John Tchicai)
6. Oda Eugenia (Pierre Dørge)
7. Profile indiansky (Pierre Dørge)
8. I can’t get started (Vernon Duke)
9. Ball in Zürich (John Tchicai/Pierre Dørge)
10. Real Kirsten (John Tchicai)
11. 254, Bowery (Pierre Dørge)
12. Chasing the cow (Pierre Dørge)

UPC/EAN: 716043117420