Joel Weiskopf Quintet “Where Angels Fear To Tread” (SCCD 31813)

SCCD 31813 Joel Weiskopf Quintet “Where Angels Fear To Tread” Award-winning pianist/composer Joel Weiskopf has long been established in the main-stream jazz scene in the USA and abroad. While he has released a number of leader albums, this is his debut leader outing on SteepleChase. On this new album Joel Weiskopf brings out his time-tested […]

George Colligan – Agent 99 (SCCD 31498)

Renowned critic Richard Cook wrote in JazzReview about George’s previous release Twins (SCCD 31485) “…one listens through the record in a kind of wonderment at his imagination. He never seems to take an obvious route….” And here again with his regular trio, George Colligan recorded an album that is full of excitement and stimulation. 1. […]

Dave Ballou – The Floating World (SCCD 31486)

SCCD 31485 The Floating World / Dave Ballou Quartet Japan’s leading jazz magazine Swing Journal hailed Dave Ballou on his SteepleChase debut CD (SCCD 31436 Amongst Ourselves) by saying “… here comes a new artist with solid beautiful sound and tremendous imagination and technique who can tell his own story… ” But it also said, […]

Jeff Williams – Coalescence (SCCD 31308)

SCCD 31308 Coalescence / Jeff Williams Quintet This is the first leader recording by drummer Jeff Williams whose impressive list of credits includes Stan Getz, Bill Evans, Dave Liebman, Richie Beirach, Dizzy Gillespie among others. “… The eight themes here are resoundingly free of hard bop cliché or empty rhetoric…throughout, Williams works to make the […]