Conrad Herwig, Ed Xiques, Jay Brandford – Jam Session Vol. 26 (SCCD 31640)

Steeplechase producer Nils Winther’s interest in documenting spontaneous meetings of talented musicians deserves praise, demanding single takes and no rehearsals to keep the music fresh and the players on their toes. (Ken Dryden on Jam Session vol. 17 & 18 – allabout jazz) 1. Alone Together (Arthur Schwartz)2. I Thought About You (Jimmy Van Heusen)3. […]

Ron McClure, Steve LaSpina, Jay Anderson – Jam Session Vol. 16 (SCCD 31582)

Highly unusual jam of three bassists. This jam session is all about “ a celebration of a wondrous and indispensable voice in just about every jazz ensemble.” (Mark Gardner) On previous SteepleChase Jam Session series, CD Review’s Rick Finlay wrote, “… SteepleChase’s series of jam sessions drawing together the cream of the contemporary jazz world […]

George Colligan – Agent 99 (SCCD 31498)

Renowned critic Richard Cook wrote in JazzReview about George’s previous release Twins (SCCD 31485) “…one listens through the record in a kind of wonderment at his imagination. He never seems to take an obvious route….” And here again with his regular trio, George Colligan recorded an album that is full of excitement and stimulation. 1. […]

Dave Ballou – The Floating World (SCCD 31486)

SCCD 31485 The Floating World / Dave Ballou Quartet Japan’s leading jazz magazine Swing Journal hailed Dave Ballou on his SteepleChase debut CD (SCCD 31436 Amongst Ourselves) by saying “… here comes a new artist with solid beautiful sound and tremendous imagination and technique who can tell his own story… ” But it also said, […]