Lee Konitz, Matt Wilson – Gong With Wind Suite (SCCD 31528)

1. Gong with wind (Lee Konitz)2. Song with wind (Lee Konitz)3. Winding up (Lee Konitz)4. Brush/Wind (Lee Konitz)5. No ill wind (Lee Konitz)6. Brush thing (Lee Konitz)7. Rhythmic wind (Lee Konitz)8. Stickin' (Lee Konitz)9. Snare rattle (Lee Konitz)10. Rapids (Lee Konitz)11. Foxtrot (Lee Konitz)12. Tommin' (Lee Konitz)13. Winding down (Lee Konitz) UPC/EAN: 716043152827

Lee Konitz – Dearly Beloved (SCCD 31406)

SCCD 31406 Dearly Beloved / Lee Konitz Quartet “ In Lee Konitz’ 70 th year and his 50 th as a recording artist, comes another new CD album that reinforces all the musical values to which this distinctive saxophonist has always adhered – spontaneity, purity of line, logical solo development, tonal certainly and rhythmic fluidity […]

Lee Konitz, Hal Galper – Windows (SCCD 31057)

SCCD 31057 Windows / Lee Konitz & Hal Galper “… Lee has in pianist Hal Galper (former Chet Baker sideman) a sympathetic helpmate. They work together effortlessly and with a unity that suggests an ample measure of mutual respect….sober, beautifully constructed performances ….” (M.G. Jazz Journal International August 1977) 1. I'm getting sentimental over you […]

Lee Konitz – Lone-Lee (SCCD 31035)

SCCD 31035 Lone-Lee / Lee Konitz Alto saxophonist Lee Konitz is one of the very few who have escaped the dominating influence of Charlie Parker and created his own style and became the central figure in the “cool” jazz. While it was a very courageous, lonely and hard work to do, recording unaccompanied solo alto […]