Hilton Ruiz – Steppin’ Into Beauty (SCCD 31158)

SCCD 31158 Steppin' Into Beauty / Hilton Ruiz Trio/Quintet “…. Born in Puerto Rico, he has a profound understanding of an impressive range of popular forms – samba, soca, clave – and makes them an integral element in his writing …” (The Penguin Guide to JAZZ) “….a dazzling jazzman and one of the most refreshing […]

John McNeil, Tom Harrell – Look To The Sky (SCCD 31128)

SCCD 31128 Look To The Sky / Tom Harrell & John McNeil Here at last the CD release of that much acclaimed recording of the two Silver trumpeters! “.. .it’s never a duel of trumpets here but it’s the duet of trumpets… When the two trumpeters share technique and inspiration, one cannot but enjoy the […]

John McNeil – Faun (SCCD 31117)

SCCD 31117 Faun / John McNeil Quintet “ John McNeil’s second album for SteepleChase shows a continued development which augurs a breakaway from the pack of young trumpeters who have emerged in recent years …” (Chris Sheridan, Jazz Journal International) “… McNeil can hurl and aim a single note like a spear and make it […]

René McLean – Watch Out! (SCCD 31037)

SCCD 31037 Watch Out! / René McLean Sextet Even from the founding days SteepleChase has been known for its daring enterprise of recording leader albums by young, less-known (but talented, of course) musicians. This debut album by René McLean is a good example. Coming from a highly jazz inspiring home, René 29 at the time […]

Hilton Ruiz – Excition (SCCD 31078)

SCCD 31078 Excition / Hilton Ruiz Quintet Classically trained Hilton gave a concert at the Carnegie Recital Hall at the age of 8. Later he studied jazz with Mary Lou Williams. This is his second recording for SteepleChase following the highly claimed debut album with his trio “Piano Man” (SCCD 31026). Young Hilton put his […]