Hilton Ruiz – Steppin’ Into Beauty (SCCD 31158)

SCCD 31158 Steppin' Into Beauty / Hilton Ruiz Trio/Quintet “…. Born in Puerto Rico, he has a profound understanding of an impressive range of popular forms – samba, soca, clave – and makes them an integral element in his writing …” (The Penguin Guide to JAZZ) “….a dazzling jazzman and one of the most refreshing […]

Ken McIntyre – Chasing The Sun (SCCD 31114)

SCCD 31114 Chasing The Sun / Ken McIntyre Trio “…. (an album) which demonstrates McIntyre’s abilities on a variety of instruments, as well as his compositional talents …” (Mike Shera, Jazz Journal International) 1. I close my eyes (Ken McIntyre)2. Coconut bread (Ken McIntyre)3. El hajj malik (Ken McIntyre)4. Puddin' (Ken McIntyre)5. Got my mind […]