SCCD 31376 When I'm Alone / Steve LaSpina Quintet

Steve LaSpina is, besides being a dextrous and soulful bassist, an intensely personal and inventive composer. His exceptional talent as a writer is evident again here on this his third leader album (earlier releases: New Horizon SCCD 31313 and Eclipse SCCD 31343).

The band here is LaSpina’s regular group which demonstrates clear dedication to the leader’s works. Addition of guitarist Vic Juris gave the group an extra dimension and colour.

1. Soaring (Steve LaSpina)
2. Young hearts (Steve LaSpina)
3. Last time out (Steve LaSpina)
4. When I'm alone (Steve LaSpina)
5. Exploration (Steve LaSpina)
6. My romance (Richard Rodgers)
7. Mirage (Steve LaSpina)
8. Anesthesia (Steve LaSpina)
9. Only trust your heart (Benny Carter)

UPC/EAN: 716043137626