SCCD 31375 Tadd's Delight / Andy LaVerne

Andy LaVerne Plays Tadd Dameron

Following the success of his exceptional presentation of Bud Powell materials in “In The Mood For A Classic” (SCCD 31342), Andy LaVerne this time portrays the bop era’s brightest composer Tadd Dameron (1917 – 1965) whose music became the essential part of jazz repertoire today.

“…. (Andy’s) affection for Tadd’s songbook is obvious in the enthusiasm, lyricism and wit that he deploys with keenest insight…” (Mark Gardner, from the linernotes.)

1. If you could see me now (Tadd Dameron)
2. Tadd's delight (Tadd Dameron)
3. Hot house (Tadd Dameron)
4. Tadley Ewing (Andy LaVerne)
5. The squirrel (Tadd Dameron)
6. On a misty night (Tadd Dameron)
7. Good bait (Tadd Dameron)
8. The scene is clean (Tadd Dameron)
9. Soultrane (Tadd Dameron)
10. The chase (Tadd Dameron)
11. Ladybird (Tadd Dameron)
12. Our delight (Tadd Dameron)

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