Dave Stryker – Shades Of Miles (SCCD 31480)

SCCD 31480 Shades Of Miles / Dave Stryker Dave Stryker, who is ever striving to meet a new challenge, re-examines here on his 12 th album on the label, the impact of Miles Davis’ music from the late 60s. Based on the sound and format of Miles’ “Bitches Brew” period, Stryker creates intriguing music of […]

Ron McClure – Dream Team (SCCD 31435)

SCCD 31435 Dream Team / Ron McClure Veteran bassist/composer Ron McClure calls the collection of players on this session “Dream Team”, because he has long waited to assemble this group. And the wait was worth while. Especially with the addition of tenorman Rich Perry whom McClure describes as “one of the World’s most definitive tenor […]

Ron McClure – Closer To Your Tears (SCCD 31413)

SCCD 31413 Closer To Your Tears / Ron McClure Quintet On his seventh leader album on SteepleChase Ron McClure expands his dream rhythm section from his last CD “Concrete Canyon” (SCH 31391) with former Spyro Jyra guitarist Jay Azzolina and Wheather Report percussionist Manolo Badrena. With this colourful ensemble, McClure created a not-so-typical jazz album. […]

Ron McClure – Concrete Canyon (SCCD 31391)

SCCD 31391 Concrete Canyon / Ron McClure Quartet Bassist and composer McClure put his dream quartet on his latest recording for SteepleChase. “.. .Being in the studio with Tim Hagans, Marc Copland and Billy Hart playing this music was glorious…The excitement of spontaneous, collective improvisation with players of this level is a high with no […]

Steve LaSpina – When I’m Alone (SCCD 31376)

SCCD 31376 When I'm Alone / Steve LaSpina Quintet Steve LaSpina is, besides being a dextrous and soulful bassist, an intensely personal and inventive composer. His exceptional talent as a writer is evident again here on this his third leader album (earlier releases: New Horizon SCCD 31313 and Eclipse SCCD 31343). The band here is […]

Steve LaSpina – Eclipse (SCCD 31343)

SCCD 31343 Eclipse / Steve LaSpina Quartet Bassist Steve LaSpina (b. March 24, 1954 in Texas) is one of the leading figures of New York’s jazz scene today. Following his first leader album on SteepleChase (SCCD 31313 New Horizon), LaSpina surrounds himself with the same empathic sidemen as the previous album and continues to concentrate […]

Steve LaSpina – New Horizon (SCCD 31313)

SCCD 31313 New Horizon / Steve LaSpina Quartet “ Bassist Steve LaSpina is a marvellously gifted player, a superb accompanist and a lyrically inventive soloist. ….As demonstrated here, LaSpina’s also a composer and leader willing to focus on nuance and subtlety – dare one say, musicality! – rather than displays of in-your-face technical bravado …” […]

Dave Stryker – Strike Zone (SCCD 31277)

SCCD 31277 Strike Zone / Dave Stryker Quintet Dave Stryker is undoubtedly one of the most talented of the younger generation of jazz guitarists today. This is the first recording by Stryker on SteepleChase. Born in Omaha, Nebraska on March 30, 1957, Stryker has been playing guitar since he was 10. Unsurprisingly he started out […]