SCCD 31391 Concrete Canyon / Ron McClure Quartet

Bassist and composer McClure put his dream quartet on his latest recording for SteepleChase.

“.. .Being in the studio with Tim Hagans, Marc Copland and Billy Hart playing this music was glorious…The excitement of spontaneous, collective improvisation with players of this level is a high with no equal. This is our art. I don’t care what they invent, nothing could ever replace this wonderful process known as jazz …” (Ron McClure)

1. All that's left (Marc Copland)
2. Lock (Ron McClure)
3. Deception (Ron McClure)
4. Sing your song (Ron McClure)
5. Nighty nite (Ron McClure)
6. Sem Herbie (Ron McClure)
7. Over and over again (Ron McClure)
8. Ears (Ron McClure)
9. Concrete canyon (Ron McClure)

UPC/EAN: 716043139125