Harvey Siders in his JazzTimes review (Dec. 2002) of the first release (“Match Point” SCCD 31517) of this group concluded his writing by remarking, “Here’s hoping this two-year-old combo stays together.”

Ron McClure Quartet does stay together, performing in and around New York area and dedicates another superb album here “ For those affected by the tragic events of the recent past, we dedicate our music and express our hopes for a long overdue Age of Peace on our Earth” .(Ron McClure)

1. Philly Bridge (Jed Levy)
2. Age of peace (Ron McClure)
3. Sideways (Bob Devos)
4. Summer's end (Ron McClure)
5. Gateway (Bob Devos)
6. Sixth sense (Bob Devos)
7. Moment of truth (Ron McClure)
8. Limited means (Jed Levy)

UPC/EAN: 716043154425