Introducing a new talent has always been a major and satisfying incident for SteepleChase. The list of artists whose debut albums it produced includes Doug Raney, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Andy LaVerne, Hilton Ruiz, Joe Locke, Kevin Hays, Larry Willis, Rick Margitza, Rich Perry just to mention a few. The latest addition, saxophonist Joshua Douglas Smith is just turning 21 and studying jazz and economics at New York University. Joshua and his fellow NYC students formed this group and within a short time they began to display extraordinary levels of creativity.

Joshua Douglas Smith and his three contemporaries…make an impressive debut here and in doing so indicate a bright and optimistic future for jazz .” (Mark Gardner)

1. Orphan (Joshua Douglas Smith)
2. Thursday thoughts (Joshua Douglas Smith)
3. The awakener (Adam Fernandez)
4. Pooh bear (Joshua Douglas Smith)
5. Right coast (Justin Marx)
6. My offering (Joshua Douglas Smith)
7. Major indicent (Adam Fernandez)
8. Turn the page (Adam Fernandez)
9. Napoleon complex (Justin Marx)

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