One year after her long-awaited comeback album (from a lengthy leave of absence due to illness) “Simple Truth” (SCCD 31705), pianist LeeAnn Ledgerwood compiled this latest album with 100% original material, showcasing her extraordinary talent as composer as well.

Carlo Wolff of JazzTimes commented on “Simple Truth”, “ Ledgerwood is not interested in impressing with technique and daring; hers is an artistry of nuance and emotional layering. ….. inviting album.

… pianist Lee Ann Ledgerwood is part of an ever growing contingency of extremely talented jazz musicians of the female persuasion… and first crack at a piano trio record. Ultimately, it proves to be one of the best of its kind in recent memory. Simultaneously adventurous but also emotionally direct… ” (C. Andrew Hovan, aaj on “Transition” SCCD 31468)

1. Breaking The Waves (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)
2. Save The Wolves (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)
3. Audrey Girl (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)
4. The University Of Free Will (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)
5. Chilli's Walk (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)
6. Lutheran For Jesus (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)
7. The Great Smoking Mirror (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)
8. Deep Six (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)

UPC/EAN: 716043173228