C. Andrew Hovan of AllAboutJaz once observed, “ What has marked all of Stryker's previous SteepleChase sides has been his penchant to not repeat formats or ideas. Each session sports a different group of musicians and the material covers new ground .” Mr. Hovan’s observation proves true here on Stryker’s latest recording of mesmerizing organ quintet with repertoire raging from Michael Jackson to Clifford Brown together with his originals.

“( Stryker) combines tradition and modernity in equal balance, arranges with skill and imagination, teases optimum performances from associates with good-natured relish, and plays the blues with deep felt conviction .” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes)

1. Joy Spring (Clifford Brown)
2. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
3. Different worlds (Dave Stryker)
4. Daahoud (Clifford Brown)
5. Pursuit (Dave Stryker)
6. Blue Strike (Dave Stryker)
7. Jordu (Duke Jordan)
8. The Crusher (Jared Gold)
9. Jabali (Dave Stryker)

UPC/EAN: 716043172924