SCCD 31035 Lone-Lee / Lee Konitz

Alto saxophonist Lee Konitz is one of the very few who have escaped the dominating influence of Charlie Parker and created his own style and became the central figure in the “cool” jazz.

While it was a very courageous, lonely and hard work to do, recording unaccompanied solo alto performance of almost one hour suited Konitz’ particular style of even and smooth blowing using the full range of the instrument.

The result was “ a very unique Lee Konitz’ world with limitless imagination which enchants the listeners …. not a single second boring ” (Swing Journal).

The Konitz sound, richer and much more expressive than in his earlyer years, also goes through intriguing changes during the course of these performances …”(The Boston Phoenix)

1. The song is you (Jerome Kern)
2. Cherokee (Ray Noble)

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