One of the central figures of Denmark’s contemporary composers Sven Erik Werner has often been

associated with church music or more precisely organ music.

Visse vejrdage (roughly translated as “Certain Everyday”) was composed during the late summer of 1998, for the 300th anniversary of the installation of the organ in the Church of Our Saviour, Copenhagen, Denmark. Texts are taken from the diary notes by Danish writer Villy Sørensen whose delightful feat of wordplay lends a rich inspirational source to the composer.

Denmark’s foremost organist Jens E. Christensen, besides his post as the organist of ”Our Saviour’s Church” of Copenhagen and as the teacher at the Royal Academy Of Music in Copenhagen, gives concerts in all major cities of Europe.

1. Visse Vejrdage: Intrada e preludio (Sven Erik Werner)
2. Visse Vejrdage: Sandhed, Godhed, Skønhed (Sven Erik Werner)
3. Visse Vejrdage: Intermedium (Sven Erik Werner)
4. Visse Vejrdage: Soldyrkelse (Sven Erik Werner)
5. Visse Vejrdage: Menuetto . In nomine (Sven Erik Werner)
6. Visse Vejrdage: Intermedium (Sven Erik Werner)
7. Visse Vejrdage: Syge Træer (Sven Erik Werner)
8. Visse Vejrdage: Intermedium: Fuglene flyver lavt (Sven Erik Werner)
9. Visse Vejrdage: A la Valse (Sven Erik Werner)
10. Visse Vejrdage: Goderne og det gode (Sven Erik Werner)
11. Visse Vejrdage: Intermedium (Sven Erik Werner)
12. Visse Vejrdage: Vilje (Sven Erik Werner)
13. Visse Vejrdage: Tango (Sven Erik Werner)
14. Visse Vejrdage: Finale (Sven Erik Werner)
15. Seven Preludes: I (Sven Erik Werner)
16. Seven Preludes: II (Sven Erik Werner)
17. Seven Preludes: III (Sven Erik Werner)
18. Seven Preludes: IV (Sven Erik Werner)
19. Seven Preludes: V (Sven Erik Werner)
20. Seven Preludes: VI (Sven Erik Werner)
21. Seven Preludes: VII (Sven Erik Werner)

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