The long and fruitful collaboration between Denmark’s leading composer Ib Nørholm and Euterpe Ensemble has culminated in this CD of seven delightful chamber music.

Euterpe Ensemble with its unique instrumentation of recorder/violin/cello/guitar has been a great incentive and inspiration for the composer.

1. Ludite Op. 135: II Andantino (Ib Nørholm)
2. Ludite Op. 135: I Allegro (Ib Nørholm)
3. Tribute Op. 138 (Ib Nørholm)
4. The Shadow Of Medusa Op. 105: I (Ib Nørholm)
5. The Shadow Of Medusa Op. 105: II (Ib Nørholm)
6. The Shadow Of Medusa Op. 105: III (Ib Nørholm)
7. Whispers Of Heavenly Death Op. 103 (Ib Nørholm)
8. Summer Music Op. 163: I (Ib Nørholm)
9. Summer Music Op. 163: II (Ib Nørholm)
10. Summer Music Op. 163: III (Ib Nørholm)

UPC/EAN: 716043233229