Elena Denisova, Jens E. Christensen, Mikhail Kollontay – Kollontay: Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28, The Blessed Citizens Of The Heavenly Kingdom Op. 29 (KON 32339)

Mikhail Kollontay, prize-winning pianist/composer out of postwar Russia has been on forefront of the intriguing modern Russian contemporary music. His works represent fascinating melting spot of traditional Russian music and radical modern Western music. 1. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. The Lamb (Mikhail Kollontay)2. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. Korah's Rebellion (Mikhail Kollontay)3. Six Biblical […]

Jens E Christensen, Anne-Lise Gabold, Jeanette Balland, Frans Hansen – Werner: Visse Vejrdage, Seven Postludes (KON 32331)

One of the central figures of Denmark’s contemporary composers Sven Erik Werner has often been associated with church music or more precisely organ music. Visse vejrdage (roughly translated as “Certain Everyday”) was composed during the late summer of 1998, for the 300th anniversary of the installation of the organ in the Church of Our Saviour, […]

Jens E Christensen – Nielsen: Complete Works For Organ (KON 32328)

JENS E. CHRISTENSEN organ As the central figure of post-Romantic Danish and Scandinavian music, Carl Nielsen (1865-1931) exerted an enormous influence on the music of Scandinavia of the 20 th century. Although his major balk of output is devoted for the orchestral work, Nielsen during a three-year period before his death wrote all his works […]

Aalborg Symphony Orchestra , Tamas Vetö, Sankt Annæ Girls’ Choir, Birthe Højby Nielsen, Jens E Christensen – Nørholm: Works For Organ (KON 32295)

1. Idylles d'Akapolypse Op. 79: I (Ib Nørholm)2. Idylles d'Akapolypse Op. 79: II (Ib Nørholm)3. Sonata Op. 9: Allegro moderato (Ib Nørholm)4. Sonata Op. 9: Andante (Ib Nørholm)5. Sonata Op. 9: Allegro vivace (Ib Nørholm)6. Concertino Op. 17 (Ib Nørholm)7. Forespørgsler-Overtalelser Op. 49 (Ib Nørholm)8. Julesorgen og -Glæden Op. 117: Puer Natus Est. Introitus. Poco […]

Jens E Christensen, Thomas Krakowski, Toke Lund Christiansen, Bjørn Carl Nielsen, Nina Pavlovski, Tine Rehling – Nørholm: Duos With Organ (KON 32251)

1. Motet for Soprano and Organ Op. 5 (Ib Nørholm)2. Controversies Between Guitar and Organ Op. 63: I Sempre distinto (Ib Nørholm)3. Controversies Between Guitar and Organ Op. 63: II (Ib Nørholm)4. Controversies Between Guitar and Organ Op. 63: III Allegro (Ib Nørholm)5. Three Pieces for Flute and Organ Op. 37a: I Litany (Ib Nørholm)6. […]

Jens E Christensen – Bach: Die Kunst der Fuge (KON 32233/34)

1. Contrapunctus I (Johann Sebastian Bach)1. Contrapunctus XII (Johann Sebastian Bach)2. Contrapunctus II (Johann Sebastian Bach)2. Contrapunctus XIII (Johann Sebastian Bach)3. Contrapunctus III (Johann Sebastian Bach)3. Contrapunctus XIV (Johann Sebastian Bach)4. Contrapunctus IV (Johann Sebastian Bach)4. Contrapunctus XV (Johann Sebastian Bach)5. Contrapunctus V (Johann Sebastian Bach)5. Contrapunctus XVI: Rectus (Johann Sebastian Bach)6. Contrapunctus VI (Johann […]

Jens E Christensen, Anne-Lise Berntsen – Gubaidulina, Gorecki: Works For Organ (KON 32223)

32223 JENS E. CHRISTENSEN organ ANNE-LISE BERNTSEN soprano* SARAH GASTON percussion** JESPER KORNELIUSEN percussion** JESPER LORCK percussion** THOMAS WIDLUND percussion** BENT LYLLOFF percussion** Recorded February & October 1995 at Our Saviour’s Church, Copenhagen, Denmark SOFIA GUBAIDULINA (b. 1931): 1LIGHT AND SHADOW 7:27 2DETTO I 20:10 ** HENRYK GORECKI (b. 1933): 3O, DOMINA NOSTRA 25:01 * […]

Aage Haugland, Jens E Christensen – The Treasure of Faith (KON 32214)

Kontrapunkt 32214 THE TREASURE OF FAITH Texts by Hans Adolph Brorson 1694-1764 AAGE HAUGLAND bass JENS E. CHRISTENSEN organ Recorded March 1995 Our Saviour’s Church, Copenhagen Total Playing Time 63:37 The First Bass of the Royal Opera Aage Haugland marked the 100th appearance at New York’s Metropolitan Opera a few years ago. He performs all […]

Henrik Brendstrup, Jens E Christensen, Athelas Sinfonietta, Flemming Windekilde – Gubaidulina: Cello Works (KON 32176)

Kontrapunkt 32176 Sofia Gubaidulina: Detto II (1972) for cello & chamber ensemble 10 Präludien für Violoncello solo (1974) In Croce (1979) for cello & organ Henrik Brendstrup cello Jens E. Christensen organ Athela Ensemble conducted by Flemming Windekilde Denmark has produced quite a few world class cellists and Henrik Brendstrup is among the very best […]