SCCD 31341 Blues On A Par / Doug Raney Quartet

Guitarist Doug Raney has been a resident of Denmark for almost two decades since he moved there at the age of 19 and has matured into a formidable artist in his own right and is well established on the European jazz scene, though it is hard to forget about his famous father and fellow guitarist Jimmy Raney perhaps because of their striking physical resemblance.

Doug and producer Nils Winther have been planning this “back home” session for quite some time. And the result is this exciting CD in which you can hear that New York and the Apple’s brilliant rhythm section gave the guitarist an extra edge.

1. I concentrate on you (Cole Porter)
2. Estate (Martino)
3. Blues on a par (Doug Raney)
4. Close your eyes (Petkere)
5. When Sunny gets blue (M. Fisher)
6. La mesha (Kenny Dorham)
7. Pumpkin's delight (Charlie Rouse)

UPC/EAN: 716043134120