SCCD 31342 In The Mood For A Classic / Andy LaVerne

Andy LaVerne plays Bud Powell

This astounding solo recital of 17 Bud Powell compositions (plus two tributes) by Andy LaVerne was recorded in Copenhagen during LaVerne’s European tour last winter. This project was, however, not something accidentally took place just because the artist was visiting the town.

Since the time producer Nils Winther suggested Andy the idea of making a solo album on SteepleChase’s own Fazioli concert grand Andy LaVerne has been working on the material presented here for several months. LaVerne who like Powell possesses the phenomenal technique on piano interprets Bud Powell the composer with sensitibity and affection.

1. Bud Powell (Chick Corea)
2. Celia (Bud Powell)
3. Un poco loco (Bud Powell)
4. The fruit (Bud Powell)
5. Strictly confidential (Bud Powell)
6. Dance of the infidels (Bud Powell)
7. Wail (Bud Powell)
8. Oblivion (Bud Powell)
9. So sorry please (Bud Powell)
10. Hallucinations (Bud Powell)
11. Glass enclosure (Bud Powell)
12. I'll keep loving you (Bud Powell)
13. Parisian thoroughfare (Bud Powell)
14. In the mood for a classic (Bud Powell)
15. Bouncing with Bud (Bud Powell)
16. Bud's bubble (Bud Powell)
17. Dusk in Sandi (Bud Powell)
18. Tempus fugit (Bud Powell)
19. In walked Bud (Thelonious Monk)

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