SCCD 36035 Ladybird / Dexter Gordon Quintet

Montmartre Jazzhus 1965

The fifth and the last volume of “Montmartre Jazzhus 1965” Series turned out to be a reunion of Blue Note’s 1964 release “One Flight Up” team. Dexter Gordon was apparently enjoying the presence of the younger trumpeter Donald Byrd one year after their first encounter in a

Paris studio. “ … Dexter and Donald again achieved an excellent blend and a relaxed outing …The two horns made for a nice contrast, with Byrd’s bright, melodic lines set beside Gordon’s robust outpourings .” (Mark Gardner)

1. Ladybird (Tadd Dameron)
2. So What (Miles Davis)
3. Who Can I Turn To ()
4. Blues By Five (Sonny Rollins)

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