Montmartre Jazzhus 1966

The final programme of Montmartre broadcast series from 1965/66 finds Dexter Gordon in the company of his old friend from his Californian days Pony Poindexter.

This broadcast makes for an impressive souvenir of the fleeting combination of Little Pony and Long Tall Dexter, and shows how fluently and engagingly they performed together. The stuff of their brief collaboration, 6,000 miles from where they first combined on a bandstand, emphasises that more than 20 years after the bop revolution, men like these continued to explore the possibilities of the idiom, but with a greater maturity than in their earlier work.”

(Mark Gardner)

1. Stella By Starlight (Young, Victor)
2. Introduction ()
3. Satin Doll (Ellington, Duke)
4. Introduction ()
5. Round About Midnight (Monk, Thelonious)
6. Introduction ()
7. Sonnymoon For Two (Rollins, Sonny)

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