The music presented here …. demands attentive listening. ….The shades and textures woven by the Scott Five are neither random nor nonchalant, but carefully coloured and contoured. It is absorbing music that grows on you more with each hearing (Contributor, Jazz Journal International since 1962) On Scott’s earlier album “Song for Amy” (SCCD 31561), Cadence’s Dave Dupont wrote, “… balance between drawing resources from the poat and expressing musical ideas with in-the-moment urgency is what makes me inclined to sing the praises of Scott’s song .”

1. Nonchalant (Dave Scott)
2. Afterthoughts (Dave Scott)
3. Frenetic Meditation (Dave Scott)
4. Ubiquitous Cat (Dave Scott)
5. Hanging And Dealing (Dave Scott)
6. On A Certain Level (Dave Scott)

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