“… This final volume, completing a remarkable trilogy, included further musical milestones from the pens of Tristano, Konitz and March plus further contributions by Eric and Nate….Job well done …” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes)

1. Sax Of A Kind (Lee Konitz)
2. Leave Me Alone (Eric Rasmussen)
3. Playa Del Ray (Warne Marsh)
4. Requiem (Lennie Tristano)
5. Lennie-Bird (Lennie Tristano)
6. Just Way There You Are (Nate Radley)
7. Palo Alto (Lee Konitz)
8. Lennie's Pennies (Lennie Tristano)
9. Sop Goes The Leasel (Warne Marsh)
10. April (Lennie Tristano)
11. Line Up (Lennie Tristano)

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