On this his 8 th release, the leader Dave Ballou states, “Of the sessions I have made for SteepleChase this one is particularly significant. This recording represents a direction I have been headed in for years: informing one’s self with knowledge and experience, in both art and life, therefore increasing the potential to create a vast experience for the audience. The collaborative creations you hear on this recording are the collective conversations of three people sincerely striving to connect with you, the listener. …”

1. Restraint (Dave Ballou)
2. MF (Dave Ballou)
3. Insistence (Dave Ballou)
4. Upon Reflection (Dave Ballou)
5. Randy Starts (Dave Ballou)
6. Once Round (Dave Ballou)
7. Silly Dance And Coda (Dave Ballou)
8. Finale (Dave Ballou)

UPC/EAN: 716043161126