Pianist Harodl Danko brings back his successful “Trilix”(SCCD ) trio to present another essential trio treats here. On “Trilix” album Donald Elfman of All About Jazz wrote, “When a piano trio—or any jazz group, for that matter—is at the top of its game, all of the qualities that make its individual members shine come to the fore but also work in the service of both the tunes and the larger aesthetic of the group. Harold Danko (piano), Michael Formanek (bass) and Jeff Hirshfield (drums) make a vitally engaging, intelligent and musical trio album.

1. Time Remembered (Bill Evans)
2. All Or Nothing At All (Arthur Altman)
3. How Deep Is The Ocean (Irving Berlin)
4. It Only Happens Every Time (Thad Jones)
5. Madison And West End (Harold Danko)
6. Unknowable Caper #1 (Harold Danko)
7. Astral Intrution (Harold Danko)
8. Unknowable Caper #2 (Harold Danko)
9. Sum Of Some (Harold Danko)
10. To You (Thad Jones)
11. Bye-Ya (Thelonious Monk)

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