SCCD 31789 Craig Brann “Mark My Words”

Guitarist/composer and one of the newest addition to the SteepleChase recording artist list Craig Brann’s latest release “Mark My Words” features two of his prominent colleagues and friends, Mark Turner and Gregory Tardy on saxophones.

Craig Brann unveils in this album with all originals his unique compositional talent.

Craig Brann is a soulful and imaginative player and writer with a unique depth to his music. His arrangements and re-imaginings of classic songs are particularly thoughtful and fresh and his every note has meaning and purpose .”

​(Peter Bernstein)

1. Hindsight (Craig Brann)
2. The Late Pope (Craig Brann)
3. B(ro) Blues (Craig Brann)
4. Astral (Craig Brann)
5. Still (Craig Brann)
6. Turner-Round (Craig Brann)
7. Providence (Craig Brann)
8. What, Though? (Craig Brann)
9. Mark My Words (Craig Brann)

UPC/EAN: 716043178926